How to Order a Whole/Half Hog

We are now Taking Reservations for 2019


How Does Ordering a Whole/Half Hog Work?

 Purchasing a whole or half hog can seem intimidating to a first time buyer. You may wonder how much will I get? Why do I pay two different costs? What is the difference between hanging weight and yield weight?

We want to simplify the process for you by providing three options for you.

First let’s look at same important definitions:

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Live Weight-the weight of an animal when it arrives at the processor

Hanging Weight-This is the dressed out weight of the animal. With pigs, this equals about 75% of the live weight.

Yield Weight-This is the weight after the livestock has been cut into the various packages. This is what you will take home. It is about 70% of the hanging weight.

For example: We take our pigs to the processor when they are around 280 lbs live weight. This means the hanging weight is around 210 lbs. Once processed, the yield weight (what you take home) will be around 145 lbs

We will take our pigs to the processor around July or when they reach the appropriate weight but we begin taking reservations in January to help us determine how many to raise for the season. We require a $100 non refundable deposit for all of our whole, half, or quarter hogs.


Basic Processing

$4.35/lb hanging weight

The basic processing will come with bone-in pork chops, leaf and fatback, sausage, spare ribs, cured bacon, shoulder roast, tenderloin, ham or ham steaks, ham hock. Please note that a quarter hog does not include any leaf fat, fatback, or ham hock. Processing fees are included in this price. We deliver the frozen cuts to you. We use a USDA inspected Humane Kill processing facility.


Semi-Custom Processing

$3.00/lb hanging weight

You pay Every Living Thing Farm for the cost of the pig on the hanging weight. We deliver the pig to Golden City Meats in Golden City, MO. You and the processor work together to determine the cost and cuts you want and pick up from the processor when it is ready. This option allows for more variability in cuts, such as uncured bacon and sausage flavors.


Custom Processing

$3.00/lb hanging weight.

The only difference between option 2 and 3 is that with Option 3 you can choose any processor in Joplin, Webb City, or Carthage. You pay Every Living Thing Farm for the hanging weight. We deliver the pig to the processor of your choosing and work with the processor to determine the cost and cuts. You also pick up from the processor.